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Anna Maria Net Inc. dba Air America Web / Wordpress America is a private dedicated "business only" web hosting company.
Incoming & outgoing bulk mail, news letter subscriptions, non-business and unconsolidated email is prohibited.
Strictly Enforced spam policy in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act and webmaster guidelines at Google.
Spam Abuse & Manual ip blocks removal requests please contact us.
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Client Tips: Steps you can take to protect yourself

  • Make sure your desktop / portable operating system files, applications and security software definitions are current and up to date.
  • Turn off "all" auto previews in email client software. Don't open anything that looks suspicious. Beware of fake emails & websites.
  • Never trust your security software. Think you have been compromised? Run Superantispyware.
  • Clear and remove all tracking cookies on regular basis. Disable third-party cookies
  • Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising. Unwanted advertising is quite common these days. Primary gateway to Malware!
  • If exploits have been detected, make sure you are diligent about changing all passwords right away.

Spam Blacklist

America's Junk Spam List

CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.
Spamhaus Top 10 Worst Offenders

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No exceptions to unwanted spam on this network

Air America customers please open ticket or text 941-585-3103 for immediate assistance.
Our goal is to provide exceptional one-on-one support experience!

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