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No exceptions to unwanted spam on this network
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Client Tips: Steps you can take to protect yourself

  • Make sure your desktop / portable operating system files, applications and security software definitions are current and up to date.
  • Turn off "all" auto previews in email client software. Don't open anything that looks suspicious. Beware of fake emails & websites.
  • Never trust your security software. Think you have been compromised? Run Superantispyware.
  • Clear and remove all tracking cookies on regular basis. Disable third-party cookies
  • Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising. Primary gateway to Malware!
  • If exploits have been detected, make sure you are diligent about changing all passwords right away.

Spam Blacklist


Report Fraud: Federal Trade Commission.
Spamhaus Top 10 Worst Offenders
no-soliciting Snowshoe spam is a new spamming technique that evades detection by using a large number of IP addresses to spread out the spam load, making it harder to identify and trap spam email. Because of its effectiveness, the volume of snowshoe spam continues to rise, reaching more inboxes and jeopardizing user productivity.
Air America customers please open ticket or email for immediate assistance.
Our goal is to provide exceptional one-on-one support experience!

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